Choosing the right fabric for your Latin dress is very important. This will play a very significant role in making you feel more comfy and also in making your performance more impactful. There are so many options available in the market that you might find it confusing to choose the right one for your Latin dress. Relax. In this article, let’s check out some instructions for choosing the right fabric for your Latin dress.

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Common Latin dance fabric

For dance costumes, there are various types of fabric that are used often:


This is a lightweight fabric with a sheer texture. You might get fabrics such as polyester chiffon or silk, but that are not the true chiffon. The Latin dance dresses made of Polyester chiffon are cheaper than those dresses made of silk one. You can feel the difference when you touch them. The dresses made of silk one are smoother and it floats beautifully when you dance. Considering this, many Latin dancers prefer wearing dance dresses made of this material as this easily catches the air as you move your body.


This is another lightweight fabric and the main difference between satin and chiffon is that satin is more solid and this has added sheen to it that chiffon doesn’t have. Satin is another great fabric for making Latin dance skirts as its texture adds a luxurious feel to the dress. However, since it is dense unlike chiffon that has a see-through texture, it is not as lightweight as chiffon.

Spandex or Lycra

This is a perfect choice if for the fitted costume, as this is a stretchy fabric. Fitted skirts with fabric that is not stretchy enough, it will create discomfort and will tear soon. However, spandex is a great fabric option for this! Spandex is the name of the stretchy fiber that the fabric contains. In the market, you will come across Latin dance dresses made of stretchy fabric that contains 100% polyester. However, those dresses are not a good choice. According to the experts, the fabric of the dance dress should have some percentage of spandex in it because this fabric is sturdier and way more comfortable. Spandex is a great option for fitted Latin dresses or others that need to be super stretchy.


Velvet comes with a fuzzy and luxurious texture, and this instantly makes the dance costume look expensive and lavish. Some velvet fabrics also come with added stretch. For one-piece dance dresses or fitted mermaid skirt, choosing velvet will be a smart move. However, here you need to make sure that the fabric is stretchy enough. The fuzzy texture of velvet easily hides the imperfections.

Well, these options above are just to name a few. You may get various other fabrics as per your Latin dance style, but these options are commonly available. If you want to get all the exclusive quality dance dresses, deal with a trusted supplier online.  

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